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Introduction to therapy

Equip Yourself, With The Relevant Tools, To Eradicate Your Concerns, With Worldwide Online Counselling Via Telephone Or Skype

The Benefits Of Counselling

 Worldwide access to your registered counsellor

Authenticity and empathy

One to one telephone counselling sessions

Couples/Group therapy regardless of participants residence

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

The choice to remain anonymous
10% discount when you pre-book 6 sessions
A receipt for every payment you make

The ability to recognise and understand your concerns

The tools to help you alleviate, manage and eventually eradicate your concerns

If You Are Ready For Assistance




“My Vast Experience, And Level Of Expertise, Ensures That My Online Counselling Service, Continues To Exceed All My Clients Needs And Expectations, With Exemplary Quality Control.

The Ideal Service To Assist You On Your Road, To A More Rewarding Life.”

There are a number of NHS related telephone counselling services. The NHS themselves discuss this here. Depression is often handled by CBT cognitive behaviour disorder, a model used successfully by many therapists. You can refer yourself but your fist port of call should be your local GP. For a quicker route to treatment there are several will skilled and successful  telephone counselling services. Take a look for referrals and make sure you pick someone with proven successes.

The British Medical Journal has created a report on the effectiveness of telephone counselling and makes some very powerful suggestions, particularly in relation to abstinence from  substances.