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Family therapy


Have you reached the point where you have had enough of certain family members? Are you thinking things need to be sorted out now or never?

Many serious behavioural and emotional problems take their roots from defective interactions within the family and many family members can be affected by these depleting family relationships. In such cases family therapy is highly recommended and usually more effective than individual therapy.

Some of the problems dealt with in family therapy are:

  • The inability of parents to agree on matters important to the children
  • Marital conflict which affects the children
  • Severe emotional separation between family members
  • Blockage of communication between family members
  • Lack of congruence (agreement) between verbal and non-verbal communication

The latter is particularly common and children are highly sensitive to the real information conveyed by body language, such as angry looks and lack of desirable action which in turn conflicts with what was said.



By utilising my group conference telephone call or via my online consultation room (each member must have access to an individual webcam), you will all be able to connect together to undergo family therapy, regardless of where in the world each family member resides.

It has been found that patterns of family structure, illness and behaviour tend to be repeated over many generations. One way in which I will proceed with family therapy is by guiding your family through the construction of a genogram (generation assessment), based on your family tree, in which a picture is built up of how the current family relates to the previous generation.

Once I have established the nature of your family and have begun to see where the problems lie, it will then become possible to give all family members an insight into what is happening amongst your family.



Family therapy has been found very helpful in the management of physical disorders with psychological causes or features such as anorexia nervosa, asthma and cancer. It has been used effectively in cases of severe family tension eg. bereavement, non-communication, truancy, antisocial behaviour, child neglect and sexual or other forms of child abuse.

You maybe feeling as though your family relationships are now irreparable but fortunately as long as each family member is willing to put in the required effort – alongside a professional counsellor – to help rectify things, then in a few weeks after your initial consultation you will begin to achieve the required results.

Your first point of call should be to book yourselves onto my 6 or 8 weeks online relationship programme  – by completing a booking request form or by contacting customer services- in order to begin to live a more enriched life.