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How to meditate


Meditation is a very well researched form of relaxation. It first calms the mind and then the body follows and after four to six weeks of persistent practice of this, you will notice a significant reduction in stress, short temper, headaches, backaches, insomnia, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, hyperventilation, anxiety and panic attacks. Meditation also cultivates a new attitude toward the self, others and life, which can result in greater inner peace, security and empathy.

In meditation, the mind is both alert and relaxed without attempting to be soo solemn.

~ A few minutes of mindful clarity is more valuable than longer periods of distracted focus ~

If you are a beginner, start with just a few minutes of meditation, progressing over time to ten then twenty minute sessions. If your practice is not effective and your mind wanders, take a break. Just sit quietly for a few moments before returning to the practice of meditating. All attempts are useful, so just be gentle and pleasantly accept whatever happens.

When you meditate, it helps to remind yourself that it’s okay not to be achieving for a few moments. In fact, resting helps people to live and produce effectively.

Patiently look for quiet moments of peace, not drama. Just as a simple meal can be very satisfying if the environment is peaceful and pleasant, so too can a simple period of meditation bring pleasure and peace to the soul.


Meditation Technique

  1. Get comfortable. Remove glasses or contact lenses. Loosen clothing and remove shoes, if desired.
  2. To prepare for meditation, stand up. Spread your feet to approximately your shoulder width. As you breathe in, imagine the sun evaporating the earth’s moisture and forming clouds, as you raise your hands up toward the ceiling. Exhale and let your fingers dance and fall to your sides, as you imagine rain blanketing the earth. Inhale, grasping your hands together behind you. Exhale and bend over, forming a rainbow that smiles over the earth (don’t forget to smile). Inhale and straighten up. Exhale, letting your arms fall to your sides. Inhale, raising your hands and arms up to your shoulder level in front of you, as you greet the rising sun. Exhale while embracing the sun by bringing your hands together, forming a circle with your arms and hands…Feel the warmth! Inhale, drawing the warmth of the sun inside you by bringing your hands to your heart, then exhale, feeling the warmth inside you.
  3. Sit comfortably in a chair, with your feet flat on the floor and your hands resting in your lap. Use the whole of the back of the chair to support your spine…sitting comfortably whilst erect. You might first prefer to slump forward in your chair. Then imagine a hook on the crown of your head. A string pulls that hook straight up towards the ceiling and as this is done, your spine straightens but without needless tension in the body. Your shoulders, neck and jaw are relaxed, whilst you think of the dignified mountain which is unshakable, majestic and at ease with itself, despite the winds and rains that batter it.
  4. Allow your eyes to close with an attitude of optimism, playfulness, humility and self-esteem.
  5. Release and relax into your mind. Imagine returning from a hard day’s labour in the garden. You’ve done all you set out to do; there is nothing left on your agenda or to think about. So you release your cares, settle into a soft chair and relax your mind.
  6. Keeping your eyes closed, relax your whole body. Release tension starting with your feet, legs, stomach, chest, back, shoulders, arms and hands then relax your neck, scalp, forehead, eyes, jaw and mouth.
  7. Take two deep breaths, saying a calming word or phrase to yourself, as you breathe in and out.
  8. Breathe abdominally! Pay attention to the calming rhythm of your breath as you inhale then exhale
  9. Think of waves gently ebbing and flowing from the shore, let your mind ride the waves of your inhaling breath, then pause, then let your mind ride the waves of your exhaling breath, then pause. As your mind settles on your breath, it should begin to slow and become clear.
  10. Begin to concentrate on the word “one”, as it rolls in on your inhaling breath…Say silently and slowly on your inhaling breath “one.” After a few moments begin to think of the word “one” rolling out on your exhaling breath.
  11. Should distracting thoughts arise, greet them cordially…”That’s okay, that’s life!”
  12. Continue this meditation technique on a daily basis to help reduce your concerns.
  13. Record your results after using this technique by leaving your comments and feedback below.
  14. If you require further healing alongside this treatment please book an appointment with me today.