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I’m Stressed Out


Many people are stressed due to the threat of unemployment, working long hours, unhealthy relationships etc..

  • 75% of GP’s identify unemployment as a significant cause of stress.
  • 60% of people say work is significantly stressful.
  • Financial and marital difficulties are also major stress factors.

In the 1980s, people were stressed but they were still able to change their jobs or move house. For many people these options are now no longer available due to the lack of jobs, the cost of housing or indeed the lack of suitable housing.

GP’s nowadays have very little time for patients who are suffering from stress which is why a high number of individuals seek this assistance from a professional counsellor.

Insufficient stress levels can be found in wild animals who resides in zoos were they are prevented from tracking and killing prey and living dangerously…they in turn end up beating their heads against the bars of the cage.

This doesn’t normally happen in humans because we can find ways of inducing more stress into our lives whether it be bungee jumping or playing computer games but this indicates that stress in moderation is necessary and even healthy but copious amounts of stress can cause one to become ill by producing tension headaches, skin disease, heart attacks, depression and even death, so it is imperative that high levels of stress is not ignored.

You can help to decrease your stress levels by reducing your intake of tea/coffee, stop smoking/drinking alcohol, exercising regularly, improving your diet and improving or changing your work area.

Take your first step towards healing by booking your initial consultation with me where we will begin your stress management plan to:


  • Identify your causes of stress
  • Remove your causes of stress
  • Take control of your life