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Your partner or spouse
Do you have a difficult relationship with your partner? Sometimes relationships go into decline, whether due to the arrival of children, infidelity or simply moving apart.

We can jointly explore the issues with your spouse and I can act as impartial intermediary. I never take sides and I can help identify some of the issues that are causing friction.

This will be achieved via conference telephone calls or via my consultation room once you have both been placed on my highly effective relationship programme.

(All clients participating in the conference call will be given a number to call and connect).

My Consultation Room

Separating or divorcing from your spouse
When separating, many couples have found it helpful to talk to me, either together, or more usually, separately.

Are there children involved? Are their behaviour becoming challenging because you and your partner are separating?

You may want to discuss your anger, grief or frustration about your relationship, you may also find it helpful to talk to me about achieving acceptance or even mapping a new future.

Sexual Concerns
Are you concerned by any of the following? Masturbation? Painful intercourse? A difference in the level of sexual desire? A loss of sexual desire? Difficulty in achieving orgasm or erection? Sexual issues caused by surgery, illness, ageing, disability or sexual abuse in childhood?

Bereavement and loneliness
If you’ve been bereaved it can help to talk to someone in confidence about your loss, talking will aide your healing process in order for you to resume your life again.

Online Bereavement counselling will commence at your own pace whilst allowing you the privacy and space to grieve in your own home.

Stress or Depression
Is life becoming too overwhelming? Are you over anxious? Feeling unhappy the majority of the time? Having suicidal thoughts? Is your family falling apart? Are there constant arguments and disagreements?

Speaking to an expert can help to remove any frustration or tension within yourself, enabling you to start your healing process.

Pre-Marriage Counselling
Are you on the verge of getting married? Are you feeling anxious about your wedding day?

If you want to start your marriage on the right footing, then pre-marriage counselling is for you. It will help you gain an insight into your partner as well as help you overcome any obstacles before your big day.

Are there children involved? Pre-marriage counselling can help you to understand their feelings too.

Get in touch with me today to book your appointment.